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Tofoil AG

Company History

  • Experience in the Caspian oil sector since 1994
  • 1994-2004- Company president was a general coordinator of Vitol SA and SOM Petrol in Caspian region with trading portfolio over 8.5 mio MT of crude and oil products exported from Turkmenistan
  • Founded in Zug region, Baar, Switzerland in 2006, today the company has almost representatives in 5 countries.
  • Supervised transportation of over 1.6 mio MT of crude oil from Ekerem port to Turkmenbashy port



  • Fully integrated company operating in transportation, refining and trading of crude oil and oil products
  • Main target markets- CIS, Caspian and Black sea region, Central Asia
  • Representative offices and agents in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, UAE
  • Presence in the region more than 15 years Strong and reliable relationships with partners in local markets
  • In contrast to the huge and hulking companies, our small young team able to respond immediately to the changes of the market requirements in order to create for the Customer a comfortable environment
  • We have operative information the first-hand knowledge in the markets, maintain long-term relationships with key market participants-producers, refineries, logistics companies and storage experts and are willing and involved in oil trading projects with our clients.